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Taking Charlotte Lucas as an example, do you think the author is making a social criticism of her era’s view of marriage? Research Proposal Outline on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice I. Introduce thesis: By conveying her ideas and perceptions of human behavior through her novel, Jane Austen shows that men and women have different motivations for marriage in the 19th century as influenced by various factors. If you have come to this post, you probably need some good “Pride and Prejudice” essay topics. Selecting a good topic is the first step to writing a good essay. The hero and heroine, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, are generally considered one of the most romantic literary couples in history, rivaling Romeo and Juliet for capturing the public imagination. The novel’s action revolves around several balls. In what wars might they have been involved? If you want to write an essay that will stand out from others, then choose one of the ideas presented below. Pride and Prejudice has never gone out of style nor has it ever fallen out of the public imaginations. 4.

What was the life of a member of the militia like in that day and age? Pride and Prejudice is a novel about women who feel they have to marry to be happy. Absolutely FREE essays on Pride and Prejudice. It is, in short, one of the most loved novels in all literature. Research the customs associated with the English Country Dance or “ball.” Several mentions are made of the militia and their movements. Suggestions for Research Topics Related to Pride and Prejudice.

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