Present paper attempts to examine the concept, characteristics and policy interventions to improve living conditions of slum dwellers. Abstract- The study covered Punjab state at District level. Home; Contact Us; My Account; Get Access; Socio-Economic Status of Slum Dwellers. Global Jo u rnal of Human Social Science

The study region is municipal area situated in dist.

The Study on Slum Population and Improvement Programs of Slums in Punjab Dr. Balwinder Kaur Associate Professor, Govt. According to the demographic characteristic a list is prepared on the basis of population size and the list is stratified accordingly with two phases namely East . 3, Fig. College For Girls Patiala, Punjab .

Pratapgarh, which sites in Gangetic plain in UP. Slum population is increasing at an annual rate of over 3.5% compared to urban population growth rate of 2.3% for The biggest database of essays and research papers on the internet. In 2006, about 7% of urban population live in slums up from 2.8% in 1990. Introduction The Philippines is among the countries in Asia with large number of urban slum dwellers. In 2001, 42.6 million persons were living in slums spread over 640 cities/towns. In the age of urbanization in developing countries like India, the slums … The slums were selected regarding location, type of structure, density and size.

(2016) The study of slums as social and physical constructs: challenges and emerging research opportunities, Regional Studies, Regional Science, 3:1, 737-757, DOI: 10.1080/21681376.2016.1229130 While research on slums has been ongoing, such work has mainly focused on one of three constructs: exploring the socio-economic and policy issues; exploring the physical characteristics; and, lastly, those modelling slums. Impact of Climate Change on Urban Slum Dwellers in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Four Selected Slums in Dhaka City Suraiya Yasmin1* ... For the research four slums of Dhaka city namely Korail (Boubazar slum), Sattola IPH slum, Nakhalpara slum and South Begunbari were selected (Fig. India alone accounted for 17 percent of the world’s slum dwellers. Slums are the areas or pockets within or outside slums have 22777 dwelling units with total population 1, 59,120. Key words: slums, poverty, environment, Philippines I. Urban Poor Living in Slums: A Case Study of Raipur City in India. 4).
It spreads over 12 km2 with total population of 71999 persons.