Studies were included if (i) they are specific to effects of work, (ii) assessed variables are related to job satisfaction, QoWL, attitudes towards work or work motivation and if (iii) studies reported intellectual disability‐specific results. Quality Of Life (QOL). Introduction The term "WORK-LIFE BALANCE (WLB)" was coined in 1986, although its usage in everyday language was being made for a number of years.

Kocman A(1), Weber G(1). Since much work has not been carried out with respect to SMEs, there is a need for the study of the effect of Transformational and Transactional leadership styles on the Quality of work life of employees working in the SMEs. The multi-faced demand between work and home responsibilities have assumed increased relevance for employees in commercial banks in recent years. The prime concern in that field is to develop criteria for the ‘good’ life. gives opportunities to bring out further research on this topic.

Concerns of patients on dialysis: A Research Study.Health Science Journal.2014;8 (4) Page | 425 A substantial number of patients on dialysis are troubled by the fact that they have poor nutrition, which is a major factor of poor quality of life because it increases the rate of morbidity and Keywords: Work-Life Balance;WLB in India; Work Life Balance; WLB; Organization ;Family Policies Management; I. Hence, the study of work life balance and employee performance is imperative. commitment and work satisfaction are interrelated.
It is part of a wider tradition in social research; that of social engineering. Interestingly, work/life programs existed as early as the 1930s. Twenty‐three studies met the inclusion criteria. Impact of Spiritual Intelligence on Quality of Life MP Singh*, Dr Jyotsna Sinha** * Research Scholar, Department of Humanities, MN NIT, Allahabad ** Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities, MN NIT, Allahabad “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. Author information: (1)Department for Applied Psychology: Health, Development, Enhancement and Intervention, Faculty of Psychology, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria. We are spiritual beings having a human experience”. ii .Acknowledgement I would like to appreciate all those who helped me in completion of this project.

Findings were classified according to the socio‐cognitive model of job satisfaction. Further aims are to asses how well reality fits these standards and to establish what would be required to come closer to the ideal.
It would have been impossible without the effort of many individuals who assisted me directly or indirectly. Thus, leadership styles can affect the quality of work life. PDF | Work life balance is a term used to describe the balance between an individual's personal life and professional life. The thrust of much of this work is to create a better society. Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction A case study in Banking Sector Sara Qadeer November 2013 - Second Cycle Supervisor: Prof: Dr. Maria Malama . Job Satisfaction, Quality of Work Life and Work Motivation in Employees with Intellectual Disability: A Systematic Review.