Trade and International Integration Research. This research then evaluates the effects of international trade on China’s economic growth through examining improvement in … Banks play a critical role in international trade by providing trade finance products that reduce the risk of exporting. international trade regime and the policy that China has taken in favor of trade sectors. The system of international trade is the exchange of goods and services around the globe. browse older papers. The World Bank research on trade and international integration aims to better understand the role of global economic integration in development and poverty reduction. View International Trade Research Papers on for free. In addition, China’s international trade performance is analyzed extensively. Every country has tradable commodities that are exportable to others, and will also rely on imports from other countries to provide the goods and services it needs. NBER Papers on International Trade and Investment Program. This paper employs two new data sets to shed light on the magnitude and structure of this business, which, as we show, is highly concentrated in a few large banks.