Examinations are designed to test knowledge and skills, but in some cases they acquire a power of their own that influences curriculum and attitudes to learning and teaching and that stabilised by widely held social expectations and practices. This fundamental right … Therefore education is of critical importance to the country’s development potential (UNICEF 2014). CORRUPTION IN THE EDUCATION SECTOR IN BANGLADESH 3 million people aged 10 to 24, and Bangladesh has a total school-age population (5-13 year olds) of 26 million. Bangladesh low literacy rate (39%) is one of the many low development indicators that remind us how far our nation has yet to go in its pursuit of sustainable development. The educational systems of both countries intend to provide quality education to their students. As a result, the education system is large, catering to A few statistics will illustrate the scope of the challenge of education in Bangladesh. This realization exists among the post-independent government education policy makers of Bangladesh. 8 percent. At liberation in December 1971, the literacy rate in the country was only 16.

However, various challenges in the education system mars success achieved thus far. This paper evaluates the educational systems of Japan and Bangladesh. Rising History in the Education Start of formal primary education in the Bangladesh region dates back to 1854 and literacy activities at individual initiatives to 1918. The education system of Bangladesh faces an enormous challenge in the form of a huge population, poorly educated and largely impoverished, and a lack of funds to address their needs. Gradual improvements are being made, but the system still struggles to meet the needs of the Bangladeshi population. Bangladesh Digital Education Research Limited (bdeducation) is a pioneer and a leading organization especially catered to provide various services for educational institutions from classes PG to XII to aid in developing students to be more responsible, caring and career oriented. 2 Primary education has been a priority in Bangladesh politics since independence from Pakistan in 1 971. The Japanese educational system is inclined toward global trends, striving to produce citizens who are aware of current changes around the world. A RESEARCH PAPER ON EDUCATION SYSTEM OF BANGLADESH CONTENT INTRODUCTION OBJECTIVES METHODOLOGY DESCRIPTION HISTORY COMPARISON OF FOUR DECADES RELATE WITH MDG’S CHALLENGES RECOMMENDATIONS CONCLUSION INTRODUCTION Getting access to basic education has been a fundamental human right of every citizen of a country.