The air bag system is explained and other systems are briefly reported. fewer fatalities than expected in front and front-angle crashes of air-bag-equipped cars. In this research, a novel design process for a pedestrian protection airbag is proposed, which utilizes the results of the experiments. A study found 24 p.c. SEMINAR REPORT 2015 AIRBAG SYSTEMS Dept. A Micro Inertial Measurement Unit ( muIMU) of 56 mm times 23 mm times 15 mm in size is built. 21 AXIS CET The ECU in fig no: 3.5 is the main controlling unit or the brain of the entire passenger safety system. The ECU not only sends the firing signal to all the air bags, but in the case of a smart air bag system, it controls the force at which some of those air bags are deployed. Some parameters of the pedestrian protection airbag system, which cannot be determined by simulations, are selected and obtained using experiments. The present paper represents a brief review of life saving system in roll-over accidents, while driving on the road by a four wheeler. This paper introduces a mobile human airbag system designed for fall protection for the elderly. NASA/JPL was to "evaluate air bag performance, establish the technological potential for improved (smart) air bag systems, and identify key expertise and technology within the agency (NASA) that can potentially contribute significantly to the improved effectiveness of air bags."

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