To control something, though, it’s important to first understand it. Impulse buying is related to anxiety and unhappiness, and controlling it could help improve your psychological well-being.

Rook (1987) claimed that marketing researchers have found ways to bolster impulsive spending. Researchers have attempted to determine if people who frequently engage in this behavior have some common personality traits. Impulse Buying Behavior Questionnaire : I am an MSc Marketing student at Brunel University in the UK. The purpose is to find out the effects of stimulation factors on impulse buying … Impulse buying may be influenced by internal states or traits experienced by consumers, or by environmental factors. Impulse buying occurs when the buyers have no thinking or no decision before they enter the stores, so impulse buying is called unplanned purchasing behavior. Impulse buying is a very important aspect of researchers in consumer behavior and the retailing stores. In a research conducted by Cobb and Hoyer (1986), impulse buying was defined as an unplanned purchase and this definition can also be found in the research of Kollat and Willett (1967). The research identifies: (1) the subjective experiences that distinguish the onset of the buying impulse, (2) how consumers cope with their impulsive urges to buy, and (3) the types of negative consequences they incur as a result of their impulsive buying. This research contributes to the validation of a scale to measure the influence of social media on impulse buying behaviour.,Offline companies can trigger the buying impulse to a greater extent than online retailers. In another research by Rook (1987) reported that impulse buying usually takes place, when a consumer feels a forceful motivation that turns into a desire to purchase a commodity instantly.

Not only can this be attributed to individuals’ impulsive behaviors, but also to the marketing strategies of many corporations. I am conducting a research project on the impulse buying behavior as part of my degree programme. Impulse buying is a behavior that has swept over America. Impulse buying is also occurs when buyers have sudden experience.