Read the latest articles of Journal of Environmental Management at, Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature The use and conservation of natural resources such as water, land, soil, plants, and animals affects a multitude of industries, from agriculture and mining to tourism, fishing, and forestry. First published in 1995, the journal Environmental Research, Engineering and Management (EREM) is an international multidisciplinary journal designed to serve as a roadmap for understanding complex issues and debates of sustainable development. View Environmental Management Research Papers on for free. Environmental Management MSc – this core pathway explores the rationale behind the exploitation of natural environments. Research projects in Environmental Management are listed below. The uneven global geographic spread of research articles brings this paper to an important point; the concentration of research articles – and thus by default knowledge and experience of ISO 14001 – is held by researchers from countries where environmental reforms are comprehensive and associated environmental challenges are, by and large, manageable and in-check. Research Areas Include, but are not exclusive to: •resource quality, quantity and sustainability •economics of environmental management •transport and fate of pollutants in the environment •spill prevention and management •remediation of contaminated sites •process modification for pollution prevention •improved energy efficiency •waste treatment and disposal The documents on best environmental management practice are intended to support environmental improvement efforts of all actors within the sector they address. The availability of each project for Undergraduate/Study Abroad (UG/SA), Honours (Hons), Masters (MSc), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) modes of study are shown. Mixed methods research, that is, the combined use of quantitative and qualitative methods in the same study, is a popular approach in several fields. It provides you with detailed knowledge and understanding of the important relationships between sustainable environmental management and natural ecosystems and the value of adopting an integrated approach to studying both. However, its use in the field of environmental management and sustainable development has not been examined. They are not only for EMAS registered organisations, but for all actors willing to improve their environmental performance, with or without an environmental management system.