Context of an article is all about how research fits into increasingly complex domains, and using structured networks to decipher its value. French B(1). The context of a research gives the audience the picture of "where", "who", "what" and possibly "when" of the research. Author information: (1)Department of Nursing, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, Lancashire, England. research is conceptualized, planned, conducted, and disseminated. CONSIDERING COGNITIVE FACTORS IN INTEREST RESEARCH: CONTEXT PERSONALIZATION AND ILLUSTRATIONS IN MATH CURRICULA Candace Walkington Virginia Clinton Leigh Mingle Southern Methodist University University of North Dakota Reasoning Mind Inc. This paper examines two factors that … The first two parts discuss the development of studies in service sector generally and the banking industry in particular in Malaysia since its independence until the present. Context is important for most phenomena of health care and health. Contextual factors influencing research use in nursing. First implemented in 1998, this curriculum aims to enable teachers to develop … 1 – 9 But contextual factors rarely are recorded, analyzed, or included in research reports. CHAPTER 1: Context of the study, and the research problem 1 CHAPTER 1 CONTEXT OF THE STUDY, AND THE RESEARCH PROBLEM 1.1 OVERVIEW OF THE STUDY This study involved an investigation of some of the factors affecting the implementation of the new Junior Secondary Science curriculum in Lesotho.

CHAPTER 1 THE RESEARCH CONTEXT 1.1 Introduction This chapter sets the scene for this research and is divided into seven sections.

• Efficiently overcome barriers — and build on enabling factors — that are specific to a context, such as a history with previous trials, access to research outcomes, and any issues related to the political, cultural and economic climate.

Reporting on Context in Research on the Patient-Centered Medical Home This brief focuses on the importance of considering and reporting contextual factors in studies of patient-centered medical home (PCMH) models. With the power of the internet at our disposal, putting research in context should be of key importance in a world where there is ever more research being published that is impossible to manually filter. 7 As a result, attempts to replicate research often fail, because context important to interpreting and applying findings remains unknown. I agree that it is common for context particularly socio-cultural aspects not to be given equal importance to personal factors in healthcare research and practice.