Religious Freedom and Equality: Emerging Conflicts in North America and Europe On April 11 and 12, 2012, the Religious Freedom Project held a probing international conference on an intensely controversial, but manifestly important subject—the rising tensions in Europe and the United States between traditional understandings of… Breaking religion news articles headlines, blog & service covering Atheist, Buddhism, Christian, Catholic, Muslim/Islam, Mormon, Hindu, Scientology, Shinto, Sikh news +.

The words of Osama bin Laden are saturated with religious argument and theological language. This essay considers some of the means through which religion can be a source of conflict.

How not to combat religious conflict. Megan Trimble and Shelbi Austin Jan. 15, 2020. The idea of overcoming religious conflict is not new.

In fact, throughout history many people have attempted to remove all religious conflict. Articles on religious conflict Displaying all articles The Myanmar military’s years-long campaign against the Rohingya Muslims left hundreds of villages a smoldering pile of debris.

Whatever else the … All religions have their accepted dogma, or articles of belief, that followers must accept without question. The Religious Conflict of A Private Experience In "A Private Experience" by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichiea, a religious conflict is clearly indicated in the beginning.

Researcher Matthias Basedau says weak African states are a major cause. Although not necessarily so, there are some aspects of religion that make it susceptible to being a latent source of conflict. A Christian Igbo girl hides from a violent riot with a Muslim woman whose dignity and faith force her to encounter the realities and fears she is … The Countries Seen as Most Religious.

The religious dimension of this conflict is central to its meaning.

The future of the world depends … But Griffith shows how even at that time, public moral controversies revealed important differences in religious outlook. The problem is that they have attempted to do this by establishing their religion as the only religion, seeking to wipe out all other religions in the process.
Without peace and justice between these two religious communities, there can be no meaningful peace in the world.

The religious nature of the conflict was less obvious in the 1920s. Religion and Conflict. A study by a German academic says religious conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa have been on the rise for decades.

In some countries, religion isn't just a way of life – it's the law.