Ltd. & Ors.. 1) whether the plea of fraud permeates the entire contract and above all, the agreement of arbitration, rendering it void, or 2) whether the allegations of fraud touch upon the internal affairs of the parties inter se having no implication in the public domain. Therefore, arbitration, in and of itself, does not make it any easier to recover attorneys' (and other) fees than if the matter had been heard in a court of law. International arbitration has developed significantly during the last 80 years. About Blog Global Arbitration News is a news platform which keeps you updated on the latest legislation and court decisions on arbitration-related topics.

Court Involvement in the Arbitration Process .

The trail of distinction between seat and venue still continues to be a vexed question under the Arbitration Law in India. recent arbitration decisions Three recent decisions in which state supreme courts have refused to enforce mandatory arbitration clauses in consumer contracts indicate an increasing judicial hostility such provisions and may foreshadow heightened scrutiny of all arbitration clauses in consumer contracts. authored by adedoyin rhodes – … International arbitration can come into play in what may seem the most basic of domestic business disputes. Arbitration is a little species onto itself. Arbitrator Partiality Claims Must Allege More Than Predisposition By Scott D. Simon – May 10, 2012 Two recent cases address an arbitrator's "evident partiality" from different angles. Recent cases highlight issues with arbitration in Ontario.

The Government of Haryana, PWD Haryana (B and R) Branch V. M/s. International arbitration in a … The increased globalization of world trade and investment has resulted in increasingly … The number of cross-border commercial contracts and international treaties containing arbitration clauses has exploded in the recent decades, leading to exponential growth in the number of international arbitrations. G.F. Toll Road Pvt. Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution, where private individuals are hired to resolve disputes between parties outside the courtroom. Global Arbitration News is moderated by Baker & McKenzie. Launched in 1985, Arbitration International provides quarterly coverage for national and international developments in the world of arbitration … Latest Articles. The Supreme Court recently issued two decisions addressing arbitration with significant impacts on workers. Principles of interpretation of contracts under English law and their application in international arbitration. Co. and Century Indemnity Co. v. AXA Belgium, courts are generally unwilling to go against the “presumption in favor of access” to these arbitration decisions, making the outcomes also a …