Publications; Postdoc opportunities; Current Research Students; Thesis archive ; Research in DPMMS is actively undertaken across a range of modern mathematics. DPMMS also hosts: The EPSRC Centre for Mathematical and … Candidates should discuss the format appropriate to their topic with their supervisor. The PhD program consists of course work, comprehensive examinations and a thesis embodying results of original research. Pursuing a Phd in pure math can be a daunting task. The Department of Pure Mathematics is one of five separate and unique departments in the Faculty of Mathematics. There is no standard format for the thesis in Mathematics (ie no prescribed word limit). The pages for individual members of DPMMS give information about each person's research interests. The department offers graduate programs leading to the degrees Master's of Mathematics (MMath) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Following substantial recent investment in the Mathematical Sciences at Lancaster University, we invite applications for up to 14 fully funded PhD studentships in Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research for entry in October 2020. The Mathematics Degree Committee oversees the examinations process and is responsible for approving the For PhD studies in mathematics, it is not absolutely necessary to choose a PhD topic at the time of the application. A number of students who begin a Phd in pure math don't complete it, and there are high-quality dissertations and those which are not so high quality. Assessment for the PhD is by thesis and oral examination only. In this thesis, we study a conjecture made by D. McKinnon about rational approximations to rational points in algebraic varieties. The conjecture states that if a rational point P on a variety X lies on a rational curve, then the best approximations to P can be chosen to lie along a rational curve on X . Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics; Research. Thesis. Here are nevertheless some suggestions for possible research topics, which the department is particularly qualified to supervise. A PhD student can freely choose the subject for her/his thesis.