Is it a human right which should be available to every citizen? The question of whether prisoners should be allowed to vote is a controversial one.

The Court said it would not prescribe for the UK which prisoners should and should not be granted the vote.

It could not find consensus on a prison sentence threshold, but it recommended that prisoners serving sentences of less than four years should be entitled to register to vote in Assembly elections. PUBLISHED: 00:57, Mon, Jan 27, 2014. Legislation to lower the voting age and to rename the Assembly the Senedd Cymru/Welsh Parliament, passed in November 2019, did not address the issue of prisoner voting. There are few or no votes in prison reform and little interest in the rights and responsibilities of those behind bars. Obtaining the right to vote is part of a collective contract, and if a person was to break the contract and get tossed in a jail cell as a consequence, they should not be able to benefit having a perspective or viewpoint in the government that is part of that contract. During 2002 Canada gave prisoners the right to vote. MPs are voting on whether some prisoners should be allowed to vote. The probability of electoral fraud is reduced when disenfranchisement is put into play.

One of the reasons is that prisoners themselves can't vote. Prisoners must not be allowed to vote WHY do politicians so often feel the need to fly in the face of the wishes of the rest of the country?

People drop off the electoral roll after 12 months and prisoners will not be allowed to rejoin it while in custody, so those sentenced to longer than a year will remain unable to vote. On January 4, 2010, a federal appeals court ruled that Washington State prisoners should be allowed to vote to ensure that racial minorities are protected under the Voting Rights Act, as African Americans make up 3% of Washington's general population, but are 28% of its prison population. Barred from voting - why prisoners need the vote. It set the deadline as 6 months from the judgment becoming final. Prisoners 'should be allowed to vote' A 134-year-old law which deprives prisoners of the vote should be overturned, according to a new campaign. But it was unanimous that some change had to be made, and the lengthy delay meant that it had to impose a timetable for the UK to amend its voting laws.

To answer it, you need to define the act of voting.

It comes several years after the European Court of Human Rights called a ban on inmate voting "unlawful".