This is more useful if you are able to print this onto card stock. Clock Painting Clock Art Diy Clock Clock Face Printable Decoupage Face Template Cool Clocks Scroll Saw Patterns Wooden Clock.

Cut two pieces of coloured cardboard for the hands, making one smaller than the other (for the hour and minute hands). Explain the numbers around the analog clock face and cut out the hands. Mark a center point in both paper plates, and poke a hole with a pencil.

This clock worksheet needs no coloring.

I've created four different clock templates, each is A4 paper size: Blank Clock Face Clock Face with Hours Numbered Clock Face with Minute Markings Added Jul 28, 2017 - Explore esmeventer14's board "Clock Face - Printable" on Pinterest. Just sayin! Oct 25, 2013 - Explore hughpearson058's board "PRINTABLE CLOCK FACES" on Pinterest. Instructions.

I like to laminate the clocks, so they can be re-used over and over again. Jul 23, 2016 - Explore wandawaterfield's board "Printies - Clocks", followed by 767 people on Pinterest. When kids are learning to tell the time, it can be helpful for them to have some practice clocks. See more ideas about Clock face printable, Clock and Clock printable. ScannedImage-112. Most children can easily understand time with digital clocks, but face a bit of a challenge learning to recognize time on an analog clock.Although digital clocks are quite popular these days, analog clocks aren't going away any time soon, and reading them is a skill a child will have to master. See more ideas about Clock, Clock face printable and Diy clock. Paint the paper plate and leave it to dry (or colour it with afelt tip pen). Teach how to tell time by moving the hands around the clock face and telling time or quizzing as needed. Printable Clock Worksheet Cut Out. Clock With Movable Hands. Round paper plate. I’m sure you will find many fun ways to use these Vintage and Antique Clock Face Images. Put number stickers on the clock face, numbering from 1 … 3. 1. Then, cut two lines between each of the four cuts to create the hours on the clock. First up is a wonderful old paper Antique clock face Image.

Anyway, I also love clock faces and I think they are so fun to use in art and craft projects, as well as Home Decor. Antique Clock Face Printables. Cut lines at the top, bottom, and both sides of a paper plate. New Years free clock face printables (cd size and plate) « Cool Clocks | Cool Analog Clock with Raphael by Amazing Styles. You can teach kids to tell time with this paper plate clock craft tutorial. Felt pens Coloured cardboard Paint for the clock face or alternatively a felt tip pen Split pin Scissors. Randall Holman clocks. Scrapbooking Steampunk Paper Art Paper Crafts Free Collage Images Vintage Vintage Paper Vintage … See more ideas about Clock, Clock face printable, Clock face. 2.