But each petal needs a hole, so fold it twice and cut off the center. It takes just a few steps, and it is not too time consuming at all.

just like these textured tissue paper flowers!Not only are they fun to make, but they serve as a wonderful spring decoration! Use something to draw a perfect circle and cut it out. When children are done, they will have their very own colorful flowers to give to someone they care about. How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers With Frilled Petals Now to cut out 8 petals. Springtime always inspires us to create bright and colorful crafts for kids…. Follow our Spring Crafts & Learning for Kids Pinterest Board!. Making paper flowers out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners is a very easy craft for children to do.

Take the 2 large red squares and together fold them twice. if you want your flower to look frilly, cut zigzags all around the circumference.