A part of my apprenticeship I'm doing a communications unit. Users submit their own headlines for articles they find funny, stupid, badly written, etc., then folks comment on them. When I first tweeted about this atrocity last week many readers followed my link in disbelief that any article – even one written by a hijab-wearing Sudanese-Australian special snowflake activist, published in the “Komment Macht Frei” section of the Guardian – could really be quite as bad as I claimed.. Examples of poorly written journal articles? Also, check out fark.com. The first is the level of organization of the two competing Republican candidates, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. Often this is because there are numerous things wrong with it; a … NOTE: a well-written first graf in a news article is one sentence long and doesn’t begin with the word “The” :) Example: John Smith was found dead in his home in East Jibrew on December 27. Clicking the ‘Rate’ button on Helium will give you numerous examples of poorly written articles, but although it is often clear from reading an article that it’s not well written, sometimes it can be difficult to say what exactly is wrong with it. One of the questions asks me to find an electrical engineering article that is poorly written. This page is to list the poorly written articles (also referred to as 'stubs') that need editing. The article mentions this explicitly but I first noticed the difference earlier in the article where it covers Santorum’s criticism of Romney’s handling of the 2002 Winter Olympics. I've been looking for days and haven't been able to find anything. Most of the so-called articles Yahoo points to are good examples. Maybe the author appeals to the audience, but I am unimpressed. In the list, you should see a template labeled 'Incomplete' (the template looks like so). Wikipedia articles are very rarely "edited" in the traditional sense of the word; rather, one person writes a first draft (which might be very short, like a single sentence, or very long) and then that person, and/or other people, add to it and make changes over time. By poorly written, I don't mean that the prose is not pleasing to the eye, that there are problems with how the writing flows, or that there are innocuous typos or spelling mistakes. The list can go on and on. News articles need to lead with the lede: that is, focus the first paragraph on the key point the story is about Examples of poorly written articles. Although they are not strictly business or technical in nature, they do give an insight into the rules of professional communication. But then they read it. I'm teaching a writing class on "logic and organization" soon, and so I eagerly clicked on your link, hoping for an example I could use as an illustration to share with students. An author with this many mistakes in their writing leads the reader to question not only the writing abilities of the author, but the level of understanding as well.