European Journal of Political Research, 52(3), 291-315. The course will cover both theoretical and empirical papers; introduce student to the variety of ways in which economists think about political economy and, more precisely, at the interplay of political … You will write a term paper on a relevant topic of interest to you. The research blended insights from the classical political economy with modern theoretical tools and empirical analysis to study questions such as the impact of trade on development in countries of varying sizes and the role of fragmentation on countries’ cohesion and public goods (Alesina and Spolaore 2005a). A new Political Economy Research Group (POLECON) has been set up in 2019, led by Helios Herrera (University of Warwick) and Ronny Razin (London School of Economics).

Questions (39) Publications (18,148) On both sides of the Atlantic, the Western world is facing radical political changes. (with Sam Brazys) The Political Economy Research Group was established in the Faculty of Social Science at the University of Western Ontario in 1988. The basic idea is for you to apply a theory or small set of theories to an issue in international political economy to drive predictions regarding the likely course of events over the next 5-10 or 10- 20 years. New Political Economy of Europe UCD’s Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the Dublin European Institute is dedicated to advancing new teaching and research in European political economy. This website is regularly updated, bringing together all of PERC’s latest news, publications, events and tweets, from its members and affiliates. The Political Economy Research Centre (PERC) is a centre for the cultural and political analysis of economic life, at Goldsmiths, University of London. European Journal of Political Research, 54(1), 23-42. 2013 Niamh Hardiman (2015) From ‘Tiger’ to ‘PIIGS’: Ireland and the use of heuristics in comparative political economy. Greenwich Papers in Political Economy Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre 2020 Oyvat, Cem (2020) ''The role of global finance in the provisioning of social infrastructure and the welfare state'', Greenwich Papers in Political Economy, University of Greenwich #GPERC75

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