Academic Discipline - Academic Discipline research papers discuss this branch of learning that provides a structure for the students’ program of study.. Choosing an appropriate research philosophy is an important part of the research methodology. In the words of Cohen, Manion and Morrison (2000), research paradigm can be defined as the broad framework, which comprises perception, beliefs and understanding of several theories and practices that are used to conduct a research.

research, it is obligation to introduce the philosophical variation with its different views. is a platform for academics to share research papers. In fact as Guba & Lincoln, (1982) have propounded, philosophical paradigm within research hold utmost importance, as it is the “basic belief system or world view that guides the investigation” (p. 105). So, there is a scope to conduct a study on philosophy of science in social research. Philosophy of Education Research Paper Topic Suggestions. Academic Freedom - Academic Freedom research papers discuss one of the foundations of liberal arts education, maintaining that the freedom of inquiry by faculty is essential to academia. Junk science is the anti-thesis of fringe science, often practiced when politics and businesses influence research too much.

research philosophy will enable to assist the researchers with different types of methodologies and as such avoiding inappropriate and unrelated works.

DESIGNS. Philosophy of science is the study of assumptions, foundations, and the implications of science. Professor Lisa High University of Windsor QUALITATIVE PARADIGM.

QUALITATIVE RESEARCH. Research philosophy is also defined with the help of research paradigm. But it is the matter of regret that only a small number of books and writings can be found which are not enough to analyze the methodological aspects of social research. Naturalistic paradigm Soft science Focus: usually broad Holistic Subjective Reasoning: dialectic, inductive Basis of knowing: meaning, discovery Shared interpretation Communication and observation Basic element of analysis: words Individual interpretations Uniqueness The Logic of Qualitative Research … Philosophy, Methodology and Action Research WILFRED CARR The aim of this paper is to examine the role of methodology in action research.