MU host an economics essay competition, legal essay competitions and more. Each year the Royal Institute holds an essay prize competition.

The deadline for submissions is 1 October 2020.

Entrants must choose 1 question to answer. 2020 Essay Questions. History. Home.

The competition provides students with an opportunity to engage in university-level research, hone their writing & argumentative skills and prepare for university interviews. Take part in a Minds Underground 2020 Year 12 Essay Competition! The Minds Underground™ Philosophy Essay Competition is open to students in Year 12. Economics.

Philosophy Essay Competition.

2020 Essay Prize in Philosophy of Cosmology. The winner will receive £2,500 and their essay will be published in Philosophy. Politics. This year's topic is 'Knowledge, Truth and Power in an Online World'. The purpose of this competition is to promote new work in the emerging interdisciplinary field of philosophy of cosmology, in particular by encouraging scholars at all career stages to consider the central questions in this area. Q1.

Is intuition to philosophy as observation is to science? Psychology. Q2. Essay Writing Competitions hone your writing skills, practice university-level research and add to your personal statement. Philosophy. We solicit papers on any topic concerning the philosophy of cosmology.