His work communicated a clear message to the viewer by combining recognizable symbols, text, and humor in an eye-catching way.

Paul Rand Essay Paul Rand (born Peretz Rosenbaum, August 15, 1914 – November 26, 1996) was a well-known American graphic designer, best known for his corporate logo designs. Paul Rand PAUL RAND (BORN PERETZ ROSENBAUM, AUGUST 15, 1914 – NOVEMBER 26, 1996) was a well-known American graphic designer, best known for his corporate logo designs. His efforts to elevate graphic design from craft to profession began as early as 1932, when he was still in his teens.

RAND focuses on the issues that matter most such as health, education, national security, international affairs, law and business, the environment, and more. Rand was educated at the Pratt Institute (1929-1932), the Parsons School of Design (1932-1933), and the Art Students League (1933-1934

... On Paul Robeson - Research Paper Example. When Paul Rand died at age 82, his career had spanned six decades and numerous chapters of design history. Even at that time, the article glossed over Rand’s formal education, dedicating more space to describing how Rand …

Bibliography lists 4 sources. In 1938, PM Magazine made Rand the focus of the autumn issue, showcasing much of his work (“Paul Rand,” 1938, pp. The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis.

A 5 page research paper on the famous graphic designer. Paul Rand portrayed abstract ideas with clarity that resonated with viewers. Paul Rand: Father of Modern Graphic Design Essay 1820 Words | 8 Pages.

3-4). He was a man of extra-ordinary talent.

Paul Rand’s 1946 Coronet brandy advert. He helped revolutionize commercial art in America during the 1930s, advocating the functional yet beautiful designs envisioned by European modernists. Essay By Paul Rand Writing, my personality profile essay, transistor words for essays, high level essay topics at university Cite this document Name Professor Subject Date Paul Robeson Introduction Paul Robeson was an African American actor, singer and political activist. Rand is credited, more then any other designer of this century, with bringing a modernist design aesthetic to post-World War II America.

He designed many posters and corporate identities, including the logos for IBM, UPS, ABC and Westinghouse.

Paul Rand was a leading figure in twentieth-century graphic design.

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