By Pam Myers , BSEd / May 5, 2014 July 23, 2019 / Expert Parenting Articles, Mom's Corner. Their actions after this are important. But as a result, there's this really fine line that's being crossed. While parents can be friends with their children, being best friends requires them to relinquish the necessary authority to provide proper guidance as parents, since best friends are usually consider themselves level with each other. They teach their children how to read, write, and most especially, know what is right from wrong. And parents are taking their friendships well beyond becoming friends with their kids on Facebook. Dewar states that when parents become friends with their children, they tend to treat them as a confidant which is a very big cost to the children as the children may be stressed out by the many personal confessions made by their parents. One of the biggest and most common mistakes moms can make is to try to be their child’s best friend. Kids are waching the same shows as their parents, listening to the same music. My Best Friend Essay for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Parents, however, approach their child in different manners. Essay: "Parents should become the Kid's best friends" I mention above quotation for the explanation of my topic parents should become their kids’ best friend. In those times, he'll need to know that you're there to provide comfort, reassurance, and stability in a way that's different from the support his same-age friends can offer. Parents should be an example to their children but it is not easy because sometimes they can argue with a relative or say something that they regret later. There are two types of parenting: authoritarian and permissive. Most kids need to learn from their own mistakes for the biggest life lessons to sink in. 3); the essay write an on parents relationships between features.

Leaning towards a better future Parents are the forerunners of the future. This requires a certain amount of authority. Yes, you want your child to love you. However, being their friend means you don’t have to step up and manage the difficult moments. Argumentative Essay. Find paragraph, long and short essay on My Best Friend for your Kids, Children and Students. Therefore, no parent is perfect because they will do something that they wish their children had not seen or heard. A parent's job is to parent. They shape their children into becoming the hope of our future. It is inappropriate for your parent to be your best friend. She goes on to say that friendship between the parents and the child depends on what friendship means to you. Three Reasons Why Moms Shouldn’t Be Their Child’s BFF.