Future Research Future studies investigating the teachers’ voice as well as the pupils’ aspect could help guide schools in preparing teachers for the paperless classroom. The Benefits to Students. Podcast Episode 2 Transcript.

Paperless Teachers And Their Students Are More Efficient And Motivated | #PaperlessMovement. Hello and welcome to episode 2 of The Teaching Space podcast. 1.

Example: In order to create a paperless classroom, several computers and scanners are needed. What is Paperless Classroom. Paperless classroom experiences in Grade 7 science in township schools. Login . Paperless classroom experiences in Grade 7 science in township schools. paperless classroom? Research Question 2: What level of satisfaction did the students report with the paperless feedback used in this study? In episode one, I mentioned that part of my role is a digital lead. A classroom where paper documents (textbooks, homework submissions, grade reports) are replaced by electronic documents. However, many educators find it difficult to create an effective paperless classroom without microphones, video cameras, and even laptops. Research Question 3: Did the implementation of the paperless classroom result in a cost savings for the department? Learn more in: Tablet PCs as Online Learning Tools Find more terms and definitions using our Dictionary Search. In a paperless classroom, teachers become a part of the learning environment, not apart from it by dictating from the front of the classroom. UPSpace Home → University of Pretoria: Research Output → Theses and Dissertations (University of Pretoria) → View Item; JavaScript is disabled for your browser. The purpose of this research which took place in a "paperless classroom" school was to examine the students' reading and writing preferences in various contexts. Students also benefit from paperless classrooms, especially when it comes to keeping themselves organized. Episode 2 of The Teaching Space podcast is all about the reality of a paperless classroom. They can immerse themselves in the material alongside students and encourage a more open dialogue. paperless classroom, teachers, K … While the focus was once on whether or not to use these technologies in the classroom, now the attention is on which tools to use, how to best apply them, and how to transition to a paperless classroom …

Some teachers are even starting to depend on the use of iPads and other tablets to help them in the classroom. Some features of this site may not work without it. This study addressed the perception and attitude of students on the adoption of a paperless classroom in the University of Ilorin. Thank you for joining me today. I'm Martine, your host.