Spell. Created by. Write. Paper Towns made me realise that I hadn’t changed. I felt like I was observing real teens living real lives, even though the plot does contain some fantastical elements.

Unlike TFiOS, these characters feel real.
Orlando, Florida. Test how much you know about John Green's ''Paper Towns'' with this interactive quiz. Match.

STUDY. Discussion Questions; Final Book Review; Works Cited ; 1) How has the relationship between Quentin and Margo developed? Many of them are still smart (it wouldn’t be a John Green book if they weren’t) but they’re realistic, silly, horny, … Gravity.
Why does Margo want to get revenge on all of her friends? John Green’s style had. PLAY. But it’s because Quentin and his friends feel like teenagers. Essentially, the story is narrated as though it were Quentin’s diary. Most of Paper Towns is written in the past tense, and Quentin narrates the story as it unfolds. Flashcards. Learn.

2) What could possibly happen in the sequel to Paper Towns if one was written? Test. How do you think it will evolve/devolve in the future? Terms in this set (20) What city do Quentin and Margo grow up in? However, occasionally John Green shifts into the present tense to tell a certain scene. jeremy_friedland. 3) If you were in Quentin's position, would you have gone with Margo that night and gone looking for her after her disappearance? Besides the prologue, the story does not contain any flashbacks, flash-forwards, or complicated breaks in the chronology. Paper Towns. Paper Towns Discussion Guide Paper Towns Discussion Guide Examine events, characters, and relationships in Paper Towns with the aid of discussion questions, projects, and activities from this literature guide for high-school students.