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P R O J E C T M E R C U R Y. America's First Space Pioneers . Thanks! 3/10 A 1:24 Mercury capsule by Ton.

Spektr-RG paper model – (link is hidden in the text) SSE Kids Paper Models (Cassini, CONTOUR, Deep Space Network 34-Meter Antenna, Galileo, Genesis, Lunar Prospector, Mars 2001 Odyssey, Mars Express, MESSENGER, NEAR, Pioneer 10, SOHO, Stardust) www.sstl.co.uk (Galileo and Novosar satellites) Stereo satellite . Mercury Capsule Paper Model - by Pe2tr Card Models - Dutch designer Ton Noteboom made this beautiful model of Mercury Capsule. As a bonus, the Starliner capsule in 1:100 scale in docking configuration is also included. FAQ; Paper Model. Complete with a moon surface. Posts: 1376 From: ridgefield, ct … This small-scale model was released by Revell in 1964 as part of a two-model set that also featured a 1/48 scale Gemini capsule.Released after the Mercury program had been completed and just prior to the launch of the first Gemini mission, this kit was the only injection-molded model of the historic Mercury capsule produced until Atomic City released its huge 1/12-scale kit in 2004. Plans; Antenna Fairing; Recovery Section; Main Structure; Periscope; Aft Bulkhead; Heat Shield; Shingles; Builders ; Instrument Panels; Hallmark Mercury Capsule; 1:40 Shuttle. Enjoy! 1:24 scale. Spacecraft and Rocket Free Paper Toys .


Does anyone know where I can find this information. People also love … X-37; X-40A Build; Redstone; CNC Router; Neffwaffe; Homebuilts; Contact; FAQ. Saved by Gus McKracken. divemaster Member . Free spacecraft, rockets, satellites, and planet paper model toys: Archive from Nasa Kids - Various space related paper models and crafts in order to educate kids about space from NASA Kids.. ARES Mars Airplane - Free paper model pattern is at bottom.. Free Model: Links: About Us: ORDER FORM: APOLLO GEMINI MERCURY X-PLANES SPACE SHUTTLE VOSTOK BURAN paper models of spacecraft and space related vehicles come in and look around.

Order the COMPLETE SET PROJECT MERCURY … Need the exact color callouts from the Mercury Atlas Friendship 7, including the capsule, escape tower and fairings. It’s an honor to announce that 12 AXM paper models including Falcon 9s, Falcon Heavy, StarHopper and Starship are being exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts in Brownsville, Texas for the “Boca Chica to Mars” exhibition honoring the South Texas SpaceX Team.

Editor's note: Threads merged. Papercraft Download Paper Crafts Diy Crafts Space Exploration Paper Models Rockets Beautiful Models Apollo Mercury. Shawit rocket SWAS . A nice model for Space History enthusiasts, diorama makers or school works. Model here. Mercury Atlas, Precision Paper Space Models (1998) paper Gemini Titan, Precision Paper Space Models (2000) paper Mercury Redstone, Delta 7 Studios (2000) paper Print at 50% (4 pages to a sheet) to get a 1:48 model!!

4/10 Ton has done an amazing job on one of the long missing models of the space race, the lunar surveyor. All Mercury models come with 1/96 scale launch vehicle and logo art display stand. History; X-37 and X-40. Mercury.