It was first released in Japan in 2000 and in the rest of the world in 2001. Rank That Partner! The move can be used in battle or in the field. Goombario is the first of Mario's many party members in Paper Mario. 01 - Goombario. This is because Mario is always the focus of these scenes; SMG4 didn't bother to hack the sprites to remove him.

In SMG4's old videos, Goombario only appeared in Paper Mario footage. It uses up 3 FP and can be used once Goombario is Ultra Rank or Goombella is Super Rank. He sometimes follows Mario around and never speaks or does anything notable. Multibonk is a move used by both Goombario and Goombella in the first two games in the Paper Mario series.

Discussion . Goombario is a Goomba who wears a blue cap. As such, his name is a portmanteau of Goomba and Mario. She discovers an unconscious Mario after his initial defeat at the hands of Bowser. He was Mario's first partner in the game Paper Mario.. Goombaria usually hangs in Goomba Village. After telling her family, Mario is brought to a Toad House to recover. He is very much like his other Goomba bretheren, the only difference being that he wears a blue baseball cap and appears to have slightly stumpier teeth than other Goombas. Paper Mario is a role-playing video game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 home video game console. Goombaria had also lost her Dolly. Goombaria is the younger little sister of Goombario from the very first Paper Mario.She, with the rest of her family, hails from a small town called Goomba Village, which is located just east of Toad Town.. Tattle is a move that is used in the Paper Mario series.

Goombario is the first of his party members in Paper Mario, and his specialty is providing Mario with information about the various locations and enemies in the game.

Rate them out of 10 and I'll keep an average score as we go through the ranks. When using it, unlike the normal Headbonk, the partner will keep on striking. In Paper Mario, Goombario lists stats from memory, while Goombella reads the information out of the Tattle Log in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Used in battle, by a partner character who informs about the enemy selected, listing their HP, Attack power, and Defense power.. If Mario returns it to her, she will give him a Star Piece and a kiss. He resembles a normal Goomba, though has square fangs rather than pointed ones, as well as a blue baseball cap. I think it'd be a good idea to have discussions on the partners from Paper Mario 64 and TTYD (and maybe the Pixls from Super) and compare our experiences with them. Goombario is a Goomba that appears in Paper Mario.He lives with his family in Goomba Village, and is a huge fan of Mario and Luigi.He is the first party member to join Mario on his adventure to rescue Peach from Bowser after he steals the Star Rod. Goombario is a friendly Goomba who lives in Goomba Village and greatly admires Mario and Luigi. . Goombaria is Goombario's younger sister from the game Paper Mario. In the prologue, she discovers Mario's motionless body after his initial defeat from the hands of Bowser with the Star Rod now in his possession.