Felts are available at art supply shops; however, interfacing or old wool army blankets can also work well. The project received rave reviews. Making a living from paper art is a difficult task, but thanks to his talents and enthusiasm, Marc Hagan-Guirey – aka Paper Dandy – has done just that. See more ideas about Crafts, Paper … Pulp: The mix of water and plant fibers that your paper is made of. Liquid starch (to make your paper less absorbent so that you can write on it with ink) Build a Frame While you can make the paper you gather into pulp and create a rough product just by pouring the pulp out and allowing it to dry, you can also form your paper into a rectangular sheet by using a frame. Abstract art achieves its effect using shapes, forms, colors and textures. The ancient art of paper making is explained in this lesson plan, which provides many suggestions for interesting variations on the standard procedure. Since, this idea varies for every artist. For his Star Wars-inspired Cut Scene exhibition, the artist create 12 kirigami models of different iconic scenes, each cut from a single sheet of paper. I am sharing 30 extraordinary ways to make Abstract Art projects. Your secondary students are sure to enjoy this arts & crafts project, a departure from the normal curriculum. We can make beautiful swirls, mixes and combinations using many different mediums. One item known for being versatile is paper—and the diverse options in color, texture, and size can allow for almost any project. You can create pulp from cotton linters (sold at art supply stores) and other plant fibers, but in this project we’ll make pulp by reusing scrap paper and junk mail. When it comes to crafting, originality in the materials we use can make all the difference. Nov 22, 2019 - Simple paper craft ideas for children including origami paper folding, tissue paper crafts, crepe paper, cardstock and paper doiley crafts.