Legibility of Notes – No more dealing with various handwriting styles since notes are typed. To assess and compare the quality of paper‐based and electronic‐based health records. The comparison examined three criteria: content, documentation process and structure. Paper charting was once the first and only form of charting available in the healthcare system. Electronic medical records (EMRs) are a digital version of the paper charts in the clinician’s office. Charting tasks are more comprehensive and more time-consuming than they used to be, said Jan Boone, RN, BSN, staff educator for Monongalia s department of medicine. Nursing documentation is a significant indicator of the quality of patient care delivery. i've used perse (which is good), another (name i forget), and ormis, which is what i use now. After months of this struggle and continual dependence on coworkers to bail me out, I wrote a letter of resignation. An EMR contains the medical and treatment history of the patients in one practice.

i prefer to type instead of writing longhand, anyway. No more searching the entire clinic for a lost paper chart. Traditional nursing practice has often been “patients first, chart when I have time.” A 2010 study confirmed what many nurses are saying about their charting patterns, even with electronic documentation. Charting has long taken a backseat to patient care, whether it is on paper or a computer. The costs associated with the excess staff needed to manage these medical records are massive and wasteful—these positions can be eliminated or the employees can be more effectively used in revenue-generating or patient-care roles. Benefits of Using an EMR or EHR Over Paper Charts. Accessibility of Charts – Indexed and easily searchable by multiple identifiers. While paper charting in facilities are becoming obsolete, the alternatives still pose a risk for the provider and patient. We do a lot of charting, and our nurses must be able to move back and forth when using electronic medical records. Background. i've used a few types (3 total, i think) of electronic charting (ec) and i far prefer electronic charting to paper charting. For example, EMRs allow clinicians to: Track data over time

EMRs have advantages over paper records. Electronic health records (EHRs, also known as electronic medical records) have distinct advantages over paper. The electronic charting system became anathema to this paper chart nurse-at some point every day I'd want to either throw up or cry. Staying with paper charts is not a good business strategy because there is nothing more inefficient! This paper analyzes the benefits and risks of paper vs. electronic vs. RFID charting. Advantages of Electronic Charting . They re used to paper charting in a time when icons didn t exist.