Kraft Paper Bags Packaging Kraft paper packaging also including Kraft paper bags food packaging wholesale for bread, bakery, and other greasy foods, they come in nine sizes to accommodate various food portions. Paper bags play such an important role within the food packaging industry. Haven't found what you are looking for?
There is also a variety of other Kraft paper gift bags like colorful Kraft bags with string handles when you do not … We can also source a wide range of Paper Bags ex-stock within a few days turn-around - please contact us on or call us on 0508 334 466.

Paper bags are far more flexible than your ordinary plastic packaging and are consumer luring. Paper bags are also known as Kraft paper bags. Kraft paper bags are usually bought in large bundles or bulks because they are very useful and really impact the business of the products which required Kraft paper bag as best for their packing.
Our Kraft paper is all this, making it packaging material that is a functional and sustainable first choice for bags of all sizes. An alternative options for plastic bags and plastic packaging would be paper bags, hence the manufacturing process of them are eco-friendly. Pricing for paper bags differ based on their designs and sizes. The grocery bags are greaseproof and waterproof food grade paper bags. Paper bags can make a change Renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, paper bags are climate- smart and don’t risk ending up in the oceans as hazardous litter. We stock paper bags in a variety of colours and styles including white and kraft brown flat paper bags and heavy duty block bottom paper bags as well as paper check out (shopping) bags.