My advisor insists that this is a needs assessment and that there is no original contribution to knowledge. Include a list of the contributions that your research makes to the literature in your particular subject area and indicate why they are important. The Contributions of this Dissertation In this Section we briefly resume the major contributions of this dissertation.

I am working on writing my PhD dissertation proposal. This issue has been bringing me down for about 2 years now. How should I phrase my potential contributions / tasks in which technical contribution is about clustering/classification and prediction? Any help is greatly appreciated. The dissertation should highlight what makes your work an original contribution. Dunleavy (2003) expresses concerns regarding overstating the originality of the research and emphasises the need to balance innovation against the subject context. Juanita was frustrated about making her original contribution. We classify them according to the area they naturally belong to. I don’t know what to do. She was basically trying to reinvent fire, the wheel, and sliced bread…for her dissertation! Fundamentally, an original contribution to knowledge can be seen as an ambiguous statement or process as it can be interpreted by different people in a variety of ways. My main contribution in my work is going to be about data classification and prediction model. I helped her find a dissertation that investigated the struggles of young African-American males in school. The study used existing survey instruments and a fairly straight-forward analysis.