The Prime Minister is a very powerful person and rules the country. He or she is the leader of the largest group in the Parliament. He or she is elected by the people of the country and is a member of Lok Sabha. I will supply free water.

Free Essays on i Am Prime Minister For One Day. I will build salt water desalination plants for getting enough water during summer. His functions include to aid and advise the President in the exercise of his functions.

Article shared by. The Office of Prime Minister or the Prime Minister’s Office, also referred to as the PMO, is the Secretariat of the Prime Minister. 1 through 30 The power concentrates in his hands. But not through subsidies, but increasing supply to a great extent. I also hope to succeed to that position one day, if I happen to outshine other students in studies and then manage to have numerous admirers who will elect me first a Member of Parliament. Get help with your writing. I will make water harvesting compulsory. 2. He runs the governance of the country. The Prime Minister is a key figure in a democratic set up.

Free Essay on “If I Were the Prime Minister ” – The Prime Minister of our country is the administrative head of the whole nation. 1. India is a democratic country.

It is but natural that every citizen can hope of becoming the prime minister. Short Essay on Prime Minister of India – The Prime Minister of India is the leader of the majority party in Lok Sabha and is the head of the Council of Ministers. Though constitutionally, the President is the head of the country, yet the Prime Minister is the all-powerful man in the country.

Short essay on If I Were the Prime Minister.

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