could really use help! Students study a minimum of four texts, including at least one example of each of the genres of prose, poetry and drama, to develop their ability to analyse and evaluate literary texts across a variety of genres and periods. start new discussion reply.

Rep:? Even looking at something like style of writing or layout on someone else's work won't help because it has to be in your style. Announcements Video Q&A about how your grades will be calculated - see answers from Ofqual, Pearson and ASCL >> Interested in law degrees? the inclusion of literary non-fiction texts in the Edexcel and OCR syllabuses,. Go to first unread Skip to page: 33moonah33 Badges: 11. Ocr english literature a level coursework examples, Ocr english literature as level coursework examples Home Ocr english literature. Can anyone tell me examples of Marxism in TKAM 0. reply. thanks! Watch. Go to first unread Skip to page: afreen_12 Badges: 8. I did about how British rappers use MLE to establish their identity, but I did a mini project in year 12 about how women and men use language differently in office environments.

We've got expert advice in our new law section. start new discussion reply. OCR English Literature COURSEWORK. Students must complete both components (01 and 02) to be awarded the OCR AS Level in English Literature. Page 1 of 1.

Example of the OCR coursework at A grade. #1 Report Thread starter 8 years ago #1 okay, so i need an idea for my coursework, i have one or two ideas but need some more so i can make the final decision For OCR you have to compare a multi-modal text to a written text with a link.

start new discussion reply. I loved the investigation coursework in English Language, although I did AQA. Seeing other people's finished copies can often be very helpful but I have a feeling it won't really help in this case because the A2 English Language coursework really is an individual investigation so no two investigations will be consistent or relevant. We've got expert advice in our new law section. Page 1 of 1 AimeeeJennifer Badges: 0. Rep:? Page 1 of 1. Not what you're looking for? Announcements Interested in law degrees? for 2000.

A blog for A dramatic theater theory Level English Language students and english literature a2 coursework examples teachers. A-level English coursework Watch. I really really want to get an A in my english lit coursework, I have to write a comparative essay on Regeneration by Pat Barker and Journeys End by Rc sherriff.I have chosen to speak about masculinity and how these two text use it, they are both war based as well. English Language OCR Coursework Watch. Rep:? 0. reply. #1 Report Thread starter 4 months ago #1 I am reading to Kill a Mockingbird. HELP!! Content overview. English literature ocr coursework as level - The Student Room.