The practice of non-vegetarianism is based mainly on the fact that vegetarian food is poor in protein. Talking to a lot of vegetarians I found that their reason for being a vegetarian was because they found it a way of living with avoiding every form of killing animals. So you are not allowed to eat any kind of meat, fish or milk, but you are still allowed to eat eggs and honey. Now a days health is very important. Get Your Custom Essay on Arguments for and against vegetarianism Just from $13,9/Page Vegetarian food is fruits , milk etc and non vegetarian food is fish, chicken , etc. and you do not feel a single sense of guilt. Stuck on your essay? The adherents of vegetarianism and veganism have many arguments concerning their decision not to eat meat. All over the world most of the people are non-vegetarian. 2.Veg food calms our mind and body and decreases the chances of major diseases where as non veg foods rich in fats invite all types of fatal diseases such as heart diseases and some cancers. The Chinese, the Thais, the Americans, the British, the people of the Arab countries are non-vegetarian. Being vegetarian is a big argument in our society. Learn by example and become a better writer with Kibin’s suite of essay help services. The majority of arguments are of ethical character, because such people can not kill animals for eating. Every year, billions of the victims are put through unbelievable amounts of pain and trauma to a degree that would shock even the worst criminals. Others believe that a non-meat diet will improve their well-being and will allow to remain young and healthy for a longer time. 1.Vegetarian food is called as ‘nature’s food’ where as non veg is considered as against nature. Don't use plagiarized sources. Argumentative Essay On Being Vegetarianism. A non-vegetarian diet also has several health benefits because this type of food is rich in protein and vitamin B. Non-vegetarian food strengthens our muscles and helps them grow faster. Being vegetarian is to stop eating or cook almost anything that comes from animals. Browse essays about Vegetarianism and find inspiration. vegetarian food can digest easily compared to non vegetarian food because it takes too much time to digest. Persuasive Essay On Vegetarians 921 Words | 4 Pages.