Get Your Custom Essay on Oodgeroo Noonucal Speech Just from $13,9/Page Get custom paper. What is the poem is about? No More Boomerang By Kath Walker Analysis; No More Boomerang By Kath Walker Analysis. Write your group’s ideas below. As the poem progresses, the comparison gets more evident. Oodgeroo is presenting a view of traditionalAboriginal lifestyles. Whereas in “No More Boomerang” she uses a lot metaphors and similes as an explanation of their message rather then the use of vivid descriptions. Show More . Poem Analysis Structure: Oodgeroo Noonuccal’s poem ‘No More Boomerang’ is organised into 13 stanzas, with four lines in each. 1034 Words 5 Pages. Show More ‘My Country’ and ‘No More Boomerang.’ Two of Australia’s most influential and intriguing poems known for enlightening readers about the vast changes throughout Australian history as well as portraying the Australian voices that experienced this transformational era. The rhyming scheme of each paragraph is ABCB, and the ideas progress the same in each paragraph; from how it was to how it is now. “Work like a nigger for a white man meal” they are trying to in impose their underpayment for the hard work they have to endure. He does this in order to allow us to go on the journey with him and experience it through his eyes. Analysis of the Poem: No More Boomerang The theme in the poem “No more Boomerang’ by Kath Walker uses rhyme and contrast between the old and the new to express the theme in this poem. My Country and No More Boomerang Essay. With the use of rhyme between the 2nd and the last line of each stanza it gives the poem a flow and this helps you remember the message more easily. The composer uses colloquial language along with many Aboriginal terms and slang, for example, no more corroboree, gay dance and din, are used to … Talk about the poem with a group of friends. 613 Words 3 Pages. In his poem “William Street”, Slessor use language that appeals to the senses. All the lines are short, with the average line having five syllables. ‘No more boomerang’ is a poem written by Oodgeroo Noonuccal. No more boomerang compares the differences between the two unlikely cultures of the Aborigines and the white Australians. Research to find out as much as you can about howAboriginal people lived before the white colonisation ofAustralia. Don't use plagiarized sources.