The dictionary online is what I use. That was back when nothing MORE than newspapers existed, that is in the form of competition. Years after the digital pundits started predicting the demise of print, newspapers still take significant revenue from print advertising, but it declined from $60 billion to about $16.5 billion between 2010 and 2017. I suppose this should be an alarming turn. 20 Things That Will Disappear in 50 Years. 'It's an irreversible situation.

Here are 20 things that will probably be obsolete by 2066. However, some people still believe that they can exist for long time; others disagree, claiming that newspapers have lost their demand.

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In this model IELTS internet vs newspaper essay that you can read below, the writer believes that online sources will become the most popular.

The Oxford English Dictionary has announced that it will no longer have a printed edition.

But I don't believe so. As a result, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today have all experienced major losses, with each of the papers cutting anywhere from 20 to 100 newsroom jobs within the past five months. It is quick and convenient. Personally, I am inclined to agree with the latter view for following reasons. The writer supports this by first giving the counter-argument (opposing view) - why newspapers are still popular - but then goes on to explain why this habit will be taken over by online reading.

The internet has been more and more popular for recent years. As a result of this, print media such as newspapers have lost dramatic number of readers. In 2013, total revenue within the newspaper industry decreased by 2.6 percent, representing over a billion dollars in lost funds. Looking back upon the heyday of the newspaper industry, images of angry cigar-smoking editors, journalists with fedoras carrying "press" cards and sharpened pencils, and little Dickensian children on the street corner shouting "Read all about it!"

Fenner told The Australian newspaper that 'homo sapiens will become extinct, perhaps within 100 years.'