Titled Changing Course: Preventing Gang Membership, this collaboration of writers go in-depth on the who’s, what’s, where’s, and why’s of gang influence and participation by the … Determining the presence of gangs, the level of gang activity, and possible threats within a community or school starts with intelligence gathering. Her recent publications have appeared in Criminal Justice Review, Journal of Crime & Justice, and Justice Quarterly. Her research interests include youth violence, victimization, gangs and delinquent peer groups. Dena C. Carson is an assistant professor in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. In Jamaica, for example, gang violence was found to be responsible for 24 of the 59 children under 17 murdered in 2015, of children, according to a 2016 report on crime in Jamaica. Gangs in Schools Bulletin What Does Gang Activity Look Like? Author biographies. Distinctive indications of gang activity present themselves in many forms. In a recent publication released by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Service, a team of authors with extensive experience in the educational field wrote on gang violence in schools.