The boarding schools had a bad effect on the self-esteem of Indian students and on the well being of Native languages and cultures. The Native Americans students who were in these boarding schools were left with not being able to fit into their own tribes or even to the American way. Native American boarding schools, also known as Indian Residential Schools, were established in the United States during the late 19th and mid 20th centuries with a primary objective of assimilating Native American children and youth into Euro-American culture, while at the same time providing a basic education in Euro-American subject matters.

However, not all boarding school experiences were negative. The mental health of Native Americans after they left boarding schools was just as terrible. 1.How did the cultural experiences of Native American Women affect the way they viewed the societal changes they were faced with in the late nineteenth century? - Native American Boarding Schools During the Westward Expansion People know about the conflict between the Indian's cultures and the settler's cultures during the westward expansion. The Native American Reservation system was a complete failure. The Impact of Historical Boarding Schools on Native American Families and Parenting Roles 2 restrictions, but he was required to make sure he prayed to the spirit of the deer when he brought food home and to be sure not to anger the spirits who might take it out on his child5. Like most Native American peoples, our family’s story is touched by the legacy of boarding schools, institutions created to destroy and vilify Native culture, language, family, and spirituality. That was the mindset under which the U.S. government forced tens of thousands of Native American children to attend “assimilation” boarding schools in the late 19th century. Do you think boarding schools werw a positive experience for Native American Women?

2. This lead to an increase in … 4. 3. Many people know the fierce battles and melees between the Indians … Many of the Indian students had some good memories of their school days and made friends for life. The first failure in the Native American reservation system was in relocation. This paper focuses on the topics of relocation, Native American boarding schools, current conditions on today’s reservations, and what effects these have had on the Native American way of life. In what ways did their values differ from those of white women?