Other doctoral programs may find this approach invigorating. It is not required that each article have been published by the time you graduate to qualify for the manuscript option. The manuscript option dissertation: multiple perspectives.

The manuscript option format must follow the UNLV Graduate College requirements and instructions for preparation and submission of Doctoral Dissertation (available on the

Once a decision is made to convert your dissertation or thesis into a manuscript for submission to a journal, you will want to focus attention on adapting it for publication. I also discuss the personal benefits I gained from developing a manuscript dissertation including producing refereed articles earlier, committee members serve as peer-reviewers of your chapters and gaining the opportunity to learn and master multiple methodological approaches.

All ETDs employing the Manuscript Formatting Option must: Have been either prepared, submitted, accepted or published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Writes and defends a scholarly dissertation including three manuscripts publishable in peer-reviewed journals. of your chapters and gaining the opportunity to learn and master multiple methodological approaches.

Multiple Article Dissertation Format A. Any exceptions to this practice must be approved by the appropriate graduate coordinator in consultation with the departmental graduate committee and the doctoral candidate's supervisor and supervisory committee. Normally manuscripts included in the MMO Dissertation are exclusively or primarily authored by the doctoral student. Public datasets may be used in differing ways for multiple manuscripts, and articles comprising a multi-article type of doctoral dissertation may be published separately. Multi-Part Theses and Dissertations. 3. When in doubt about any aspect of the ethics of manuscript submission, the author should contact the Editor, who will make the final decision in consultation with editorial committee members. However, if those articles are used in a thesis or dissertation, they must be seamlessly integrated into the manuscript.

Individual manuscripts in a manuscript-style thesis should fit together into a single body of work to achieve the goals of the thesis.

Mdejong@aol.com Based on our experiences at the University of Kentucky, the manuscript option dissertation is clearly a win-win situation from every angle.

Author information: (1)United States Air Force, USA.

De Jong MJ(1), Moser DK, Hall LA. Does My Thesis/Dissertation Qualify for the Manuscript Formatting Option?


With approval from the committee members, a thesis or dissertation may be divided into parts, rather than chapters or sections. I also shared the challenges I encountered during my dissertation process which included, committee members not …