Moving your whole life to another country so you can start a completely new one requires a good deal of resilience and bravery, but fear is usually the first emotion that creeps in. I was a Chinese girl who lived in the countryside. Whatever the motives for your move, it’s likely that while living in a new country can be full of excitement and positive experiences, there will be growing pains and difficulties along the way.

... Topic: Moving to a Foreign Country Essay. However, I made a special journey. So let us look at the the pros and cons of embarking on your journey in a new country. At first, the idea of my family and me moving to the United States was fun and exciting. Third, I had difficult times to find a job in the United States. Moving to a new country is equal parts exhilarating and scary. For example, the staple food in my country is rice and in the United States is flour. You’ll definitely feel the change.

Moving abroad to start a new life is a massive decision, one that requires a lot of thought, planning and budgeting.

I couldn’t wait for the time for my family and me to leave, get to ride an airplane, eat stateside food such as spam, corned beef, apples, and oranges, and experience the different seasons, especially winter. Moving to a New Country 515 Words | 3 Pages. Moving to a new country: the beginning of a new journey 28 July 2016 Categorie: Senza categoria / Study Abroad / University Life Moving to a new country or city away from home can be exciting, but for each notch of excitement that takes over your mind before the big move … You could be moving for work, a new adventure or for love. A new country, a new life and new challenges. Be sure to do your homework on the place you are moving to. Moving to a New Country...Moving to a new country People move to an other country for many reasons: to escape from their exausting routine, a career change, health purpose, but for me it was as part of an University exchange. Pros I’m a moroccan student who live in South Korea since August 2012, and I was suprised of some aspects of this country. Actually, it was my new life: … The cultural shock that we received was truly inevitable, however, the most important and consternating challenge was the perpetual chase for a job. For example, this year the new days of my country is on February 10, 2013 in the United States. There is different about food. send. I didn’t know much about foreign countries and I never thought I would experience living abroad in my life. You never realize quite how strongly tied to the culture of your home country you are until you move abroad and are faced with a culture—and possibly a language—that is markedly different than your own. Moving into a country of unfamiliar traditions and eccentric society, my family faced a lot of challenges.