I have to read and comprehend papers outside of my field all the time.

This is a re-post from Roz Pidcock at Carbon Brief. Math can be short. Victor Tangermann August 18th 2017 ListWoo gives you what the world thinks is the Top Ten most significant inventions of man. But math can also be short.

On Monday, we revealed the results of our survey of scientists in which we asked them to name the “most influential” climate change papers of all time.. The 10 Most Significant Scientific Discoveries Of the Year (So Far) It's proving to be one of the best years of the century, and we're barely halfway through. ... a scholar with an index of h has published h papers each of which has been cited in other papers at least h times. Math can be hard and tedious resulting in very long papers. This time 2017 is no exception, and the year was filled with game-changing innovations that are on the cutting edge of science. Which of the many thousands of papers on climate change published each year in scientific journals are the most successful? The 1995 proof of Fermat's last Theorem was 108 pages long.. Scientific Breakthroughs in 2017 Most Important Inventions Throughout History Inventions have changed the world and the lives of people many times through history, but which inventions are most important? The most influential climate change papers of all time Posted on 4 August 2015 by Guest Author.

Covid Economics, Vetted and Real-Time Papers, launched at the end of March 2020, is a free online CEPR publication.It has been created to quickly disseminate fast-rising scholarly work on the Covid-19 epidemic. How to (seriously) read a scientific paper . These breakthroughs will surely alter how we think of the world, and they will likely also translate into future unknown technologies that will affect how our society operates. Results are the most important part of scientific research.