The 2016 Lewis H. Wright Memorial Lecture: America's Doctor Anaesthetists (1862-1936)—Turning a Tide of Asphyxiating Waves Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2017, Pages 12-18 841, 842 (1996). 7 Shapiro, The Most-Cited Law Review Articles Revisited,supra note 1, at 762. The most cited articles published since 2017, extracted from Scopus. A search was performed on the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) Web of Science for the most cited articles in all the journals included in the Journal Citation Report (2010 edition) in the category of “Dentistry, Oral Surgery, and Medicine”. To identify the 100 most cited articles published in dental journals. The top ten cited sources during the period were: Marx, Lenin, Shakespeare, Aristotle, the Bible, Plato, Freud, Chomsky, Hegel and Cicero. But that isn't all. The top 100 articles were ranked according to their number of citations. Further information was obtained for each article, including citations per year, year of publication, authorship, article topics, and article type and level of evidence. THE MOST-CITED LAW REVIEW ARTICLES OF ALL TIME. Most Cited Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A Articles The most cited articles published since 2017, extracted from Scopus . Please use the publication date filters on the left if you would like to restrict this list to recently published content, for example to articles published in the last three years. From 1972 to 1992, Professor Chomsky was cited 7,449 times in the Social Science Citation Index-likely the greatest number of times for a living person there as well, although the research into those numbers isn't complete. METHODS: The most cited articles in JNIS were identified by using the Web of Science database. MOST-CITED SCHOLARS 411 8 Fred R. Shapiro, Response to Landes and Posner, 71 Chi.-Kent L. Rev. This page lists all time most cited articles for this title. New research tools from the HeinOnline and Web of Science Most cited. But the article also links to the top 100 most-cited papers by Google Scholar's count; the most-cited math paper on that list is "A Mathematical Theory of Communication." In defence of story-telling Fred R. Shapiro* Michelle Pearse** This Essay updates two well-known earlier studies (dated 1985 and 1996) by the first coauthor setting forth lists of the most-cited law review arti-cles. According to the list in this article, the most cited math paper is "Fuzzy Sets" by Zadeh.