Abortion may be the moral equivalent of AIDS. When I … A nation that once honored God has plunged into a moral abyss. Materialism, a form of moral decay, has left our lives a mile wide but an inch deep. After reading much about the fall of the Roman Empire, I see many parallels with our current situation in the EU.

Americans say the country as it stands today is worse off morally than in past years -- and worse off, morally speaking, to a tune that's never before seen. The Rapid Decay of Our Nation. Can't say this is surprising. But to suggest all church decline is the result of moral decay is too simple. Our bodies, though under constant attack … The descent has been swift. Although Moral Decay, corruption and distractions can not be found in the ground, one wonders if that is a valid reason for them to be ignored as serious signs that a society is collapsing.

Feeding heart hunger with spiritual fast food has eaten away at our spiritual health, with a resulting decline in our churches. You say: "That's a pretty heavy charge, Williams. The left's attack on religion is just the tiny tip of the iceberg in our nation's moral decline. The Source of Our Moral Decay? What’s the point? And the decay has reached the point where, in the words of the prophet Jeremiah, the nation “does not even know how to blush” (Jeremiah 6:15). This idea of our country's present moral decay has become a go-to Evangelical Christian trope for decades; an attempt at a literal self-fulfilling prophecy, where the world is falling hopelessly apart and the Church is the lone, faithful remnant standing in the face of the heathen culture's rebellion. By Paul Shlichta.