il y a un centre commercial. il y a des magasins. there are some shops. Personal Description Health Future Plans Daily routine Environment Free Time Activities House and Home Jobs and Work Experience uses cookies to provide you with a better browsing experience. there is a shopping centre. KEY STAGE 4 RESOURCES. i need to write a essay about my city i live in coventry we have got a lady godiva statue and very friendly people also we have got a nice museum coventry is very dirty in coventry there is a train station and also we have got a parc and cinema with latest films there are also football and tennis pitches if you do not no what else to write please make something up about coventry. there are lots of cafés . The French language has it's own constructions and you are not familiar with all of them if you're learning the language. Du 1au 31 août, le festival Fierté Montréal vient animer encore plus ce quartier. By continuing … in my area there is a swimming pool. il y a aussi une grande bibliothèque. Like in many other French towns, Rennes has an industrial zone which is quite dirty and ugly. I'm not that great in French to check yoru essay for correction, from a writing perspective it is better to try to write straigt in French rather than translate fom English.

C’est agréable le soir quand la rue est décorée de lampes jaunes. Les touristes se promènent dans le quartier, surtout pendant les mois d’été, quand la rue est interdite aux véhicules. dans mon quartier il y a une piscine. Choisissez la … Unfortunately there’s no big zoo or beach. WORKSHEETS. STUDY. Unfortunately there’s no big zoo or beach. CLS First Form French - exam essay revision: my town and my area. By continuing to use our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. FRENCH. there is also a large library. English has different constructions. PLAY.

Speaking Exam Support Writing support Listening and Reading support. French KS4 Resources. il y a beaucoup de cafés.