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Rep:? (See also the prerequisites below).
The dissertation is an extended piece of work, of c. 8000 words, which results from the in-depth study of a topic in one of the three fields of study that constitute the Modern Languages curriculum (cultural and literary studies, linguistic studies, and social and political studies).
Did you get any info about your dissertation in your second year before going on the year abroad? How long did they all have to be? The dissertation should relate in some way to the kind of topics found on Part II scheduled papers for MML. 0. reply *Supernova* Badges: 1. It is equivalent to two single weighted modules, one in each semester. The dissertation seeks to provide an excellent training for final-year students intending to undertake further academic study beyond the BA, and for those with specific areas of interest in Modern Languages and related disciplines which may not be represented in the taught curriculum but for which adequate, specialist supervision can be provided. And did your chosen topics have to relate to the research interests of one of your tutors? You can write a Year Abroad Dissertation or an Optional Dissertation on any subject that falls within the field of Modern and Medieval Languages, including linguistics and comparative studies, as long as suitable supervision can be arranged.