People believe that mobile phones are a boon to society but others people believe that mobile phones are a bane to society.
There is good and bad in cell phones. Get a 100% Unique Essay on Cell Phones – Boon or Bane. Young boys and girls seem to have become inordinately addicted to these sites. Mobile phone’s electro-magnetic radiation creates harmful heat energy that is likely to cause cancer, brain tumors, impotency, hereditary deformities, memory loss, headache etc. Read and find more about mobile phones definition, mobile phones essay, mobile phones for students, mobile phones paragraph. It would be very ungrateful on our parts not to recognise how imperative are they to us. Our knowledge base includes the best essay samples and research paper examples on Mobile Phones Boon Or Bane Cell Phone Boon or Bane. Mobile phone is one such , portable electronic device. Introduced in the nineties the bulky box was a rich man’s delight. It is a thing which has helped us very much. Mobile phone a ban or a boon.Favor * Everyone is available to others for 24x7. Certain education boards and institutions have prohibited the use of mobile phones owing to students’ distraction towards studies. Mobile phone a boon or bane essay 200words Ask for details ; Follow Report by Vermamohit5182 15.10.2018 Log in to add a comment Answers ann24612 Ambitious; Since the dawn of human civlisation man has been creating things to meet his needs. * Mobile proved life saver for human beings in many areas related with human health. Cell phones have revolutionised the human existence . In less than ten years, it became every man’s pocket item, irrespective of one’s socio-economic status.

Article on Mobile phone boon or bane Ask for details ; Follow Report by Rtdmanoj 27.08.2017 Log in to add a comment Answers Hi there! There is no way to actually know which one it is because it is just a matter of opinion. Mobiles have become a source of major distractions for the students. for $13,9/Page. They are thoughtlessly and uselessly … Get Essay. We can do so much with it such as messaging, calling someone, internet, etc, etc. Both sides have very strong arguments. Discounted cell phones accessories have made it even easier to keep the phone intact … MOBILE PHONE AS A BOON I would say that the mobile phone is big boon for all of us. Mobile Phones Boon or Bane? This is possible only because they are getting cheaper and cheaper day by day. * People say mobiles made life miserable by providing unlimited connectivity but they don't understand the fact it also provide limited connectivity options like you can switch of the mobiles. Ask for details ; Follow Report by Yonikkonga 01.11.2016 Log in to add a comment Answers upenderjoshi28 Genius Mobile Phones: Boon or Bane? I want an short essay on mobile phones are boon or bane ?