With a mind reading ability, you have a wonderful tool to seek self improvement. Type two would be reading everyone's thoughts all at once and all of the time.

I can imagine several problems stemming from becoming a mind-reader. It appears, however, that mind reading can become a critical human skill, which will effectively work to resolve the most complicated crimes, to cure the most difficult diseases, and to save thousands of people who are not always able to express their concerns in verbal form.

Even without this superpower, you can listen to others and look within yourself. Get Your Custom Essay on My Super Power Just from $13,9/Page Get custom paper Flying saves on gas money, and you can always make a great entrance; super strength is great for when your wallet falls into that crack behind the desk; and we’ve all had enough embarrassing moments that we just want to be invisible for a while. The reason for this is to know exactly what they were thinking, and it would also be really fun. Before I explain those problems, I should tell you that there are three main types of mind-reading. The superpower I would like to have the most is the ability to read peoples minds. Type one would be reading peoples thoughts when you wish too, and only one person's at once. Listen to the thoughts of others and see if there is any truth to their thoughts.

Find things in yourself that could be improved.

The reason why is their are a lot of fake people out there, and two faces. Mind reading has always been something humanity could not have.