Eating is always a fun activity. Duffy Stirling. Medieval Fashions. The identity is referred to across our depth studies on Medieval Europe and The Black Death.

The students will be familiar with key points of the Medieval period within class, which should be sufficient enough scaffolding for the students to be able to work on their own research task.The task itself, would be presented by the students at the end of the depth study, as the task is to act as a summative assessment.

Medieval Feast. August 22, 2015. Get the entire family involved in preparing for a medieval feast.
Each year at the beginning of our Year 8 History course, I ask students to create a medieval identity. This task is essentially the framework which I use to complete depth studies into Medieval Europe and The Black Death in Year 8 History. Micro-Scale Castle WEAPONS AND ATTIRE OF A KNIGHT * the meal will be accompanied with music played by Corvus Corax MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS CRIME AND PUNISHMENT first course: - roasted bone marrow second course: - pigeon and ham pie third course: - potted duck with crusty bread fourth course: - Research fashions of the Middle Ages and then construct your own garments with these very helpful tips. The hands-on portion of this activity also includes how you eat! TASK Produce a multimodal presentation of how the social, political and economic features of Medieval Europe impacted on lifestyle.