Algebraic Geometry; Analysis & PDE; Applied Math; Combinatorics; Number Theory; Financial Math; Geometry; Probability; Representation Theory; Symplectic Geometry & Topology; Topology; Mathematics Research Center; Undergraduate Research; Research Areas. In recent years, Undergraduate Research has come to the forefront of many educational projects and foundations’ agendas. Undergraduate Research Opportunities. WHERE: Mathematics Department, Malott Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853-4201. It welcomes original papers – empirical, theoretical, and methodological – on the learning and teaching of mathematics at undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as research commentaries on current and important issues in the field. In a recent year, there were 15-20 funded positions for undergraduates to investigate open research problems in the mathematical sciences.. Students … Many professors in the Mathematics Department mentor undergraduate students in projects that help them learn what doing research is like. The projects have been mentored by many different faculty, on topics ranging from fad formation, to random walks, tropical geometry, one bit sensing, extremal graph theory, and convex polyhedra. MTBI Summer Program An intensive eight-week summer research experience for undergraduates at ASU's Tempe campus . Often, a project culminates in a poster presentation by the student at one of LSU's research presentation forums. Faculty in algebraic geometry study a diverse set of topics including the … If a student is alert to the published opportunities, he or she can spend a summer learning firsthand what a research mathematician does to earn a living. SUnMaRC (Southwest Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference) More information for ASU students Advisor: Professor John Jones. Algebraic Geometry. However, it is a great way to meet other undergraduate math majors, find out about their research experiences, and hear talks by leading mathematicians, both from the department and internationally renowned visitors. The International Journal of Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education is dedicated to post-secondary mathematics education research. These summer programs provide the opportunity for undergraduate students of mathematics to participate in leading-edge research. Research Areas. … Undergraduate Research The School of Mathematics at Georgia Tech has a rich tradition for undergraduate research. This year, some projects are designated "SPUR" and others are designated "REU." The Undergraduate Math Club does not sponsor undergraduate research. It is an excellent way to find out more about research opportunities in mathematics. Research. Summer Undergraduate Research at Yale (SUMRY) The SUMRY program is a ten-­week undergraduate research program run by the mathematics department at Yale University, usually between early June and early August. Undergraduate Research Projects Students have an opportunity to explore mathematics beyond our undergraduate curriculum by enrolling in MATH 399-0 Independent Study, working on a summer project, or writing a senior thesis under the supervision of a faculty member.

Below are descriptions of projects that our faculty have proposed.

Undergraduate Research Program in Mathematics Advisor: President's Professor Eric Kostelich *note - this REU is no longer offered.