The following are key points to remember from this review article about the pathophysiology and management of obesity: As of 2015, an estimated 600 million adults are obese, and elevated body mass index (BMI) accounts for 4 million deaths globally. Sunday 1st October, 2017. To achieve these goals, the journal publishes original articles in the areas of obesity research. Sharma, A. M. & Padwal, R. Obesity is a sign - over-eating is a symptom: an aetiological framework for the assessment and management of obesity. By Dr Amanda Avery. Journal of Obesity & Weight Management is a peer-reviewed open access journal which is intended to increase knowledge, stimulate research and promote better management of people with obesity. The main treatment for obesity consists of weight loss via dieting and physical exercise. Levels of overweight and obesity in Australia, as well as overseas, are escalating. Barriers to good management strategies are many because medical issues such as diabetes, hyperlipidaemia and hypertension often take precedence.

The Journal of Childhood Obesity is an open access and peer reviewed journal that aims at providing complete and reliable information about the causes, cure, effects and prevention of childhood obesity and related effects by publishing articles, review papers, case reports and … 11 , 362–370 (2010).

Obesity management in adults . Obes. Management of obesity can include lifestyle changes, medications, or surgery. Journal of Obesity focuses on topics such as obesity, lipid metabolism, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, paediatric obesity, genetics, nutrition & eating disorders, exercise & human physiology, weight control and risks associated with obesity. Rev. Diet programs can produce weight loss over the short term and long-term, although combining with exercise and counseling provide greater results. The prevalence of obesity in adolescents is increasing, and the management of these patients presents unique challenges not seen in adults.

... Obesity and being overweight are chronic conditions that result from complex interactions, often with a biopsychosocial basis and environmental influences, which result in people overeating. The treatment of obesity should be divided into an initial weight-loss phase followed by long-term maintenance. OMICS International – a pioneer and leading scientific event organizer, is organizing a scientific conference namely 4th International Conference and Exhibition on Obesity and Weight Management, which is going to be held during December 07-09, 2015, at Atlanta, USA, with the respective theme “Emphasizing the Knowledge of Obesity & Weight Loss methods”.