THE RIGHT STRATEGY IS YOUR KEY TO SUCCESS. The assignment must include a clear structure with an executive summary, a bibliography and, where appropriate, appendices and diagrams. An MBA graduate of Harvard Business School, Mr. Carlson has successfully advised applicants from around the world in gaining acceptance to top MBA programs and management consulting firms. HBS is the most urgent but the one-question essay … The objective of this blog is to give all the EMAs out there a clearer idea about Management Consulting as a career option. An example helps explain. The current trend in favor of the short-answer essay continues to gain momentum.

A master's degree in business administration will help you have a better grasp from a general-management perspective, which is critical to consulting. Now, it’s time to build an action plan.

“corporate finance management for a media conglomerate like Time ... Plan. The assignment should contain: 1. It’s not a contract -- no Goals Essay Review Board is going to revoke an MBA if the graduate isn’t in the job they said they’d be in after graduation. But very few of them have the first clue about what a consultant does or what it really takes to become one. You must make appropriate use of journal articles and texts. One of us applied to Harvard (1 essay question, 9/7 deadline) Stanford (2Qs, 9/14 deadline), and Duke (5 questions, 10/15 deadline).

And though the technology industry has been stealing some grads from the consulting industry’s traditional slice of the pie in recent years, the most recent MBA employment reports reveal that consulting is still popular at certain schools. EMA is not alone – 7 out of 10 MBA aspirants say that their career goal is Management Consulting. Harvard only requires their 400-word short-answer essay from joint program applicants. It’s been a few years, so the details are directional. W hile at business school and since graduating, Barrett has been providing advice on selecting and applying to MBA programs, positioning essays, choosing recommenders and doing mock interviews. Task: Assessment is by one assignment: a Strategy Consulting Proposal of 6000 words (100%) which integrates theory and practice. So, you’ve been paired with the perfect consultant. MBA curriculum is designed to teach you the baseline skills necessary to succeed as a consultant.

Management consulting has been one of the most coveted career paths for fresh MBA grads for ages.

The Boston Consulting Group: An Analysis In 1963 Bruce Henderson billed a total of $500 for his first month 's work at the Boston Consulting Group.
Schools that currently require short-answer essays include the Harvard Business School, the Columbia Business School, and the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. There I will get the opportunities to work on client’s open-ended business problems. Therefore, post-MBA my immediate goal is to transition to management consultant role at tech strategy function and work with a global consulting firm such as Mckinsey, Bain, PwC or Deloitte. The work taken on by management consultants can be varied, including e-business, marketing, supply chain management, and business strategy. That starts with a kick-off meeting during which your consultant will dig into the who, what, how and why that form your story.