Our next step was to add a method of winding and unwinding the string, which we did by wrapping the string around a skewer. Either its birthday, or as a diwali gift, it can be well fitted with no confusion. The second paper clip will be attracted to the first one because the first clip has become a magnet. 5. Usually, the colored end of the needle is the north pole of the compass needle magnet and points toward North. Step 2: Touch a second paper clip to the first one that is hanging from the magnet. Rest your Copper Coil onto the Paper Clip Shelves (make sure that the exposed ends of the Copper Coil are making contact with the Paper Clips). Float the magnetized needle very carefully on the surface of the water.

Attach the ends of your exposed insulated wires to the ends of your AA Battery (Be careful with this step because the Battery can sometimes get Hot, it helps to tape the exposed wires to the Battery). Experiment: Using a magnet to get paper clips from a glass of water without getting wet. Hold the paper clip just under the magnet, you should find it floats in the air, making it appear to defy gravity! Move the magnet along the paper clip in the same direction as before. Since the paperclip is made of steel, which is a magnetic material, it will seem to reach up to make contact with the magnet. Magnetic Paper Clip Holder If you are looking for a designer gift item, then surely Magnetic Paper Clip Holders could be an option to choose from. Straighten the paper clip so it as straight as you can get it. Then apply masking tape around an area for the chalkboard below the notepaper. Now take your straightened paper clip or needle and stroke it on the magnet in ONE direction ONLY. Do this 10-20 times. As you may have gathered, this is important. Use the pliers to help. Repeat step 3 about 10 times with each paper clip. This should make each paper clip into a magnet.

Take your strong magnet and place it above the paperclip. 4. Use something which is small do not make a paper clip holder which is too big and will take up a lot of space. Magnetize your paper clip or sewing needle by placing one end against the end of your magnet. Place a compass down on the table. I made the width of my area to be the same as the Post-it note with about a 1/2" spacing in between them. When you have reached the end of the paper clip, lift it off and start over.

A paper clip or sewing needle; A magnet; What you'll do. Step 4: Take the first paper clip off the magnet. The end that you magnetized will point north or south, depending on how you magnetized it. Step 3: Continue adding paper clips in this way to see how long of a chain you can create. If it does touch the magnet, gently pull it away leaving it close to the paperclip but not touching. Look to the pictures for help. This allowed us to slowly shorten the length of the string so we could find out exactly how far under the magnet the paperclip could be.